Do you share our passion for communication, business and the public sphere? Are you looking for a workplace that prizes and encourages determination, curiosity, analytical strength and creativity? Whether you are a recent university graduate or an experienced specialist, you can become part of our story. Because we expect our employees to be results-driven and thorough in their execution, we have an in-depth and methodical recruitment process. All of our candidates are assessed in several steps.

After selecting your CV during the screening process we will invite you for a first interview with the Human Resource team, during which we will focus on your experience, skills and key motivators. If we are interested in pursuing your application we will invite you for additional interviews.

Normally, you will meet with one of our consultants for a case-based interview, with your potential future team leader, with the managing director of the office to which you are applying. The purpose of these interviews is for us to get to know you, and to give you a well-rounded picture of who we are and what the role of strategic communication consultant entails.

All JKL Kekst CNC consultants must be able to express themselves well in speech and writing. All of our candidates are therefore given a writing test in the local language of the office to which they are applying. As stated above, we also conduct case-based interviews to test analytical ability and problem solving skills.

We strive to make the recruitment process as smooth as possible for our candidates. Generally, we will get back to you within a couple of days after each step to let you know whether you will be advancing to the next step.

Once we have offered you a position, we will agree on a starting date and provide you with an individual introduction plan. We often hire students a few months prior to graduation.

What we are looking for
JKL Kekst CNC’s success rests on our employees. We strive to recruit and retain the best employees possible.

To be successful and thrive at JKL Kekst CNC, you should have a genuine interest in business and the public sphere, a thorough understanding of economic and political driving forces and a fascination for the ways in which communication impacts conditions and freedom of action for companies and organisations.

Many of our employees are university graduates with degrees in economics, political science, journalism, media and communication or law. Others have relevant work experience in the areas of journalism, finance, politics or business consulting. Although they may come from different backgrounds, our employees all share a talent for communication and consulting and a strong drive to succeed.