Kekst CNC Jul 27 2020

COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 4

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Jul 27 2020

Coronakrisen är långt ifrån över enligt svenskarna

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Kekst CNC Jun 15 2020

COVID-19 Opinion Tracker - Edition 3

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The fourth edition of our international COVID-19 Opinion Tracker shows that the public’s view of business is showing signs of deteriorating. Throughout the first three months of the tracker, business has performed well in the public’s eyes. It has been seen as stepping up during the crisis, and is perceived as having handled the pandemic well. Though this still stands, business brands are in a delicate position as the focus shifts to lay-offs and economic damage. The survey also found that employees who have returned to their workplace across the globe say they had a better experience than expected, that it was more safe than expected, that they were more productive than they expected, and that they are now more likely to stay with their employer. However, employers will need to continue to provide leadership on this as more return to workplaces and offices.

Kekst CNC’s COVID 19 Opinion Tracker has become a key measure of public opinion throughout the current crisis, and an important tool for companies as they seek to understand changing attitudes towards established institutions, particular sectors, corporate and individual behaviour and considerations such as ESG. The third wave of our tracking survey has found that across the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Japan the public believes that Germany has dealt best with the pandemic crisis, while the United States and UK are the worst responders.

The second edition of our international COVID-19 Opinion Tracker shows that the public continues to prioritise health over the economy in most countries. The survey findings have significant implications for business leaders as well as policy-makers around the world. It shows that even compared to just a month ago, people are expecting the impact of COVID-19 to last longer.


Coronaviruset kommer enligt svenskarna att ge efterverkningar på samhället under längre tid än de trodde i våras. 78 procent av befolkningen tror nu att krisen fortfarande kommer att påverka ekonomin även om ett år. Motsvarande siffra i april var 56 procent. Däremot tror färre svenskar, än i tidigare mätningar, att en andra våg av coronaviruset kommer att drabba Sverige.

Tyskland är det land som flest länder anser har hanterat Coronakrisen bäst. Svenskarna är dock mest imponerade av Danmark. Sveriges något annorlunda hantering av viruset ses av de flesta andra länder som överlag positiv, med undantag för den tyska allmänheten som ger Sverige ett negativt nettobetyg. USA är det land som anses har klarat krisen sämst.

Corporate communications

Access to data facilitates informed decision-making. Making data driven decisions can increase organizational efficiency, increase the completion and success rate of projects, and drive down costs. This is true both for operations and for communications.


21 January 2020 – Kekst CNC, the global strategic communications firm, has once again strengthened its position globally, as well as in each of its core regions, in the Mergermarket M&A league tables 2019.


Ola Rembe, som under många år har varit global chef för Varumärke & Kommunikation på Ericsson, blir seniorkonsult på JKL Kekst CNC från den 1 januari 2020.

In the first six months as a combined firm, Kekst CNC rank #1 position globally and in all key markets in Mergermarket’s H1 2019 league tables for PR advisors.


Shareholder activism has made massive inroads into Japan over the last four years. In 2018, the number of activist campaigns in Asia surpassed the number across Europe for the first time, with Japan accounting for the majority of cases in Asia.

Corporate communications

The digital revolution and the rise in smartphones, blockchain and artificial intelligence is reshaping the business world. As a result, we are seeing the emergence of a new trend that is threatening to disrupt these technologies and how we use them – that of data ethics.

Financial communications

When it comes to American activism, is your company prepared? Kekst CNC recently attended The Deal Corporate Governance in Europe Conference, to answer that exact question.