Katherine Fennell Apr 06 2020

FTSE 100 Financial Reporting During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Kathleen Deveny Mar 27 2020

Beyond Media Interviews: Communicating During COVID-19

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Livia Movilescu Mar 26 2020

Social Media Communications in the Coronavirus Outbreak

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COVID-19 has spread across the world, leading to unprecedented lockdowns and an unpredictable business environment for companies everywhere. This paper provides an analysis of FTSE 100 COVID-19 inancial reporting between the start of 2020 and 3 April and highlights the uncertainty facing UK-listed companies and the investment community as we move into uncharted waters.

In these turbulent times, clear messaging and good communication matter more than ever.  Whether supporting staff through this difficult period, providing customers with up-to-date information or offering the public valuable insights into the fight against COVID-19, it is important to get the tone, message and medium right.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the first global pandemic to unfold in the era of social media, with an unprecedented volume of conversations going on around us. Every 45 milliseconds, a COVID-19 related tweet enters the conversation


21 January 2020 – Kekst CNC, the global strategic communications firm, has once again strengthened its position globally, as well as in each of its core regions, in the Mergermarket M&A league tables 2019.


Ola Rembe, som under många år har varit global chef för Varumärke & Kommunikation på Ericsson, blir seniorkonsult på JKL Kekst CNC från den 1 januari 2020.

In the first six months as a combined firm, Kekst CNC rank #1 position globally and in all key markets in Mergermarket’s H1 2019 league tables for PR advisors.


Shareholder activism has made massive inroads into Japan over the last four years. In 2018, the number of activist campaigns in Asia surpassed the number across Europe for the first time, with Japan accounting for the majority of cases in Asia.

Corporate communications

The digital revolution and the rise in smartphones, blockchain and artificial intelligence is reshaping the business world. As a result, we are seeing the emergence of a new trend that is threatening to disrupt these technologies and how we use them – that of data ethics.

Financial communications

When it comes to American activism, is your company prepared? Kekst CNC recently attended The Deal Corporate Governance in Europe Conference, to answer that exact question.